【Hapkido's Philosophy, Thought, and the Root of Ideology】

In ancient times, the Korean people had settled on the Korean peninsula where the cultures of the East are concentrated.

A lot of tribes lived in this place, so, each tribe had their own unity and ceremonies to hope for lots of harvests.

These ceremonies respected the heavens by doing sacrificial rites. The priests who had led the sacrificial rites prayed for their tribes' peace and well-being as a deputy of the tribe.

The priests respected 'Han-im', 'Han-ung', 'Han-keom' as 'The Three Gods'. These priest were called 'Sam-rang', and were appointed as guardians serving the gods and

we can find the origin inside the history of 'Ko-jo-seon(the first nation of Korean peninsula)'.

According to that history,『Ko-jo-seon's third king 'Ka-rak' let 'Sam-rang-eul-bo-rok(name of an official post)' compose the Ka-rim-to-moon(the origin Korean) 38 letters』.

The guardians were called 'Sam-si-rang', They used sorcery energy to connect the heaven; 'this is 'Un-Ki(moving energy)', and also 'Ji-Ki(spiritual energy)'.

『 Hap-Ki is heaven and also nature』
This is the philosophical conception of Hap-Ki.

There were some documents written by 'Sin-ji(writer`s name)' and 'Oang-soo-keung(writer`s name)',These have all disappeared today.

In the age of "Jo-Seon", according to Jo-seon dynasty's history, 'Soo-bak' was a part of the army examination.

Today, we can only find out the 'Sam-il-sin-go(old book name)' translated during the 'Ko-Koo-Ryeo' and 'Bal-Hae' ages, written in Chinese writing.

『'The heaven' means 'Han-im(the father of heaven)', 'Han-ung(the mentor of heaven)', 'Han-keom(the king of heaven)'. And 'Han-im' displays harmony, 'Han-ung' display civilization,'Han-gum' displays government. Namely, the sum of these harmony, civilization, government is just Hap-ki.』

We can find out by reading 'Hoe-sam-kyeong(book name)', 『The big lesson contains the three lessons, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. And it expresses the truth of human beings by completing the deep meaning of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism』

Also, 'Nan-rang-bi-seo-moon(tombstone)「some sentences of 'Sil-la-bon-ki(chapter)' of 'Sam-kook-sa-ki(book)', written by 'Choi-chi-won' in 'Sil-la'」' mentions Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism. So, human beings are the existence representing all creation on Earth.

The truth of that existence takes making 'Tong-Seong', 'Ji-Myeong', 'Bo-Jeong' as it`s basis.

'Seong' means the mind, 'Myeong' means energy, 'Jeong' means the body.

'Seong' is also called 'Won(it means a circle)' and manages the mind of spirit, 'Myeong' is also called

'Bang(it means a square)' manages the feeling of energy, 'Jeong' is also called 'Kak(it means a triangle)' manages the feeling of body.

Let's read the passage below:

Tong Seong - Sim (Mind) - Circle (○ - temper)

Ji Myeong - Ki (Energy) - Square (□ - life)

Bo Jeong - Che (Body) - Triangle (△ - spiritual energy)

Breathing energy, control with mind, sending to all the parts of the body.

That means regarding life importantly, well-controlling mind, expressing with body.

This is the basic idea of Hapkido. It has the object of being like a saint.