General Grand Master

My name is Suk-Hwan, Choi, the General Grand master of the Cheong Kyum World Federation.

These days, it is crucial for us to find potential ways to develop Hapkido through the internet, since we are living in an information-based, industrial, and wireless age. To meet the demands of the twenty-first century, the Cheong Kyum World Federation is promoting a cultural project via the internet in hopes of uniting Hapkido and other martial arts masters of the world by bringing the activity of the training hall to an international level in the cyber world.

At present, we are developing programs aimed at easily educating and delivering the accurate skills of Hapkido for people from all over the world with no barriers caused by cultural differences. Due to the great enthusiasm people have shown in our international seminars and exhibition games--held abroad as well as here in Korea--it has been proved that the world market for Hapkido is very positive and has a bright future. Our present concern is in finding how quickly Hapkido can be merged into the world market.

We hope this web-site can be the solution to this problem. We sincerely believe that our on-going projects to train high-level professional Hapkido masters, as well as our efforts to integrate world cultures with Hapkido, will have very successful outcomes in the near future as we continue to operate our web-site and as we promote this system. We ask for your continued support and cooperation overseas, within Korea, and within the Cheong Kyum World Federation.

Thank you.