CKWF Founder

It is an honor to have the time to introduce myself to you. My name is Seung-Woo, Lee, the Founder of the Cheong Kyum World Federation. I have been a part of Hapkido--the traditional and historical Korean martial art--for a very long time. I am here in order to further promote Hapkido as an inherited Korean martial art passed down through our history; and, I also very much want to assert the need for the further development of Hapkido in its proper traditional form.

It worries me to see the present-day change in attitude in regard to Hapkido; I see a lack of respect and understanding for the art and history of Hapkido, as well as a lack of propriety and seriousness towards this martial art among many of its masters and teachers. The true essence of the martial arts way can not be mastered instantly, but must be slowly and gradually experienced through life-long dedication and study. We must work hard to attain the insight to penetrate our true inner selves. Therefore, to be a great master of the martial arts, it is necessary for us to find a way to obtain the true meaning of the martial arts way in our real lives.

The Cheong Kyum World Federation is an organization of young masters of Hapkido, established on these very important beliefs. We will do our best to be the bridge between our generation and the next, fulfilling the demand of our time.

Thank you.